As leaders in the organization it is easy to take communication for granted. After all, we do it all day, every day. This course really brings to light improvement opportunities in even the most seasoned leader. The lessons learned will not only help to drive business objectives, but will also serve well in enhancing personal career development.

— Director, Operations

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Drive Change

The new CEO of a 100 year old property and casualty insurance company felt that a major cause of declining business was a rigid and inflexible corporate culture, and that people at headquarters had been dictating to the agents in the field instead of supporting them in their efforts to increase sales. He said he wanted to turn the pyramid upside down and get everyone to focus on the ultimate customer, and on the field rep who was trying to serve the customer.

The CEO communicated this message in a number of ways, and changed the roles of key functional heads, including how their performance was measured. Those who could not adjust to this new role were asked to move on.

To help integrate this new role into the organization and to build the skills to support these new behaviors, AlexanderHancock was asked to custom design training for all managers and professional staff in the corporate headquarters. The training became a vehicle for senior managers to communicate how important this new role was to the success of the business. In addition, all participants learned new skills of listening, asking questions, acting as consultants, and collaborative problem solving, using AHA’s P2P skill building process. The evolving culture change enabled people to use these new skills. Reaction from the field was overwhelmingly positive and business results improved.

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