Truly one of the only trainings where I feel prepared to go back to work and apply new skills immediately.

— Manager, Operations

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8. Develop leaders:

Are you hiring or inspiring leaders?


  • How can we develop leaders who inspire others to excel?
  • How can we ensure that leaders have the “soft skills” as well as the “hard skills” to inspire high performance?
  • How can we develop leaders who are committed to being coaches and mentors?
  • How can we develop leaders with emotional intelligence?
  • How can we coach talented people whose interpersonal skills or leadership style needs polishing?
  • What feedback mechanisms can help us identify when leaders are not communicating effectively?
  • How can we use 360 degree feedback to help leaders target their development?
  • How can we help leaders manage remote employees more effectively?
  • How can a dysfunctional team become cohesive, focused, and effective?
  • How can we develop leaders who think strategically about the business?
  • How can management team planning meetings become more strategic, focused, and productie?


  1. Identify what it takes to be successful as a leader in your organization through a customized Leader Competency Model
  2. Measure and establish a baseline for leader development through our InnerView 360 survey. Create year-to-year comparisons to track improvement and to plan targeted development.
  3. Assess “soft skills,” personality, temperament, and leadership styles using a combination of various instruments and assessment tools.
  4. Improve leadership style and interpersonal skills through targeted, high impact Executive Coaching.
  5. Pinpoint problem areas (and create a baseline) of managers’ communication through surveys of employees’ perceptions of their manager’s communication behavior
  6. Develop leadership capability through customized Straightforward Leader training emphasizing the capabilities most important to your business
  7. Develop emotionally intelligent leaders through Emotional Intelligence Training and 1 on 1 Executive Coaching
  8. Get leaders to think strategically about the business through Strategic Leader training.
  9. Improve remote management through our Managing Remotely training
  10. Increase bench strength by developing leaders who are skilled coaches and mentors of others through our Coaching, Developing and Mentoring Program.
  11. Leverage team leadership through Leading High Performance Teams training.
  12. Build cohesive and focused teams  through our Team Alignment Consulting and Facilitation