The impact of seeing yourself on video was huge. It really brings things home in a way that you cannot either filter or ignore.

— General Manager, Shared Services

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3. Innovation Challenges:

The market calls the tune – we have to learn to dance.


  • How do we encourage innovative thinking that allows us to respond quickly to marketplace changes?
  • What do we mean by innovation and whose job is it?
  • How do we mine all the organization’s talents and ideas to help us innovate?
  • How can we overcome obstacles to innovation?
  • What skills do we need in order to innovate?


  1. Define the innovation vision and goals through custom designed Assessment and Focused Interviewing.
  2. Get all leaders aligned with the innovation vision through facilitated Strategic Alignment Sessions.
  3. Engage all the stakeholders to build consensus on direction, roles, and action steps, through AHA’s Future Search process. (Emmie Alexander and Jerry Hancock have been trained and certified by Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff as Future Search Facilitators.)
  4. Equip everyone with skills and tools for success through customized, skill-based Creative Thinking Training, Collaborative Problem-solving, Strategic Thinking, and Innovation Team Leader Training.