“I thought I was already pretty good at having crucial conversations. The training helped me realize that there is a more effective way to approach these conversations. And maybe we all are not quite as good as we thought we’d be at this.

— Sr. VP, Operations

The commitment to engaging in their customer’s problems is what sets AlexanderHancock apart. They don’t want to just deliver a canned program that doesn’t relate to your business issues. They spend the time finding out what real business problems you’d like to solve and then build a program to find those solutions.

— Ross Dalton
former President
GTECH Printing Company

The most useful, relevant, helpful training I've been part of in all my years at [this company].

— Director, Operations

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4. Develop, coach, and retain people:

How do you capitalize on the asset that  walks out the door every night?


  • How can we develop, coach, and retain people who have a passion for our business and its success?
  • How can we retain top talent?
  • How do we ensure good talent for succession planning?
  • How can we ensure that we have the right person in the right role, and avoid promoting people into roles they aren’t ready for?
  • How can we use the development and movement of talent across our organization as a competitive advantage?
  • What are the key success factors for leaders in our organization?
  • How can we carve out time and resources for development activities when people are consumed with the day-to-day running of the business?
  • How can we reap business benefits from a diverse, inclusive culture?


  1. Pinpoint development needs through custom surveys, assessments, InnerView 360 Feedback, and targeted interviews.
  2. Fast-track high potential leaders through Executive Coaching, and our customized, high-impact Straightforward Leader development programs
  3. Identify future leaders through our Customized Assessment Center process.
  4. Train leaders to coach, mentor, and guide employee development through our Coaching and Developing Leaders skill-based training program using our high-impact P2P Methodology.
  5. Build bench strength through a succession planning process.
  6. Add women and minorities to the leadership pipeline through custom tailored training such as Women in Leadership.
  7. Create a culture that values diverse perspectives through our custom Cultural Inclusion consulting and Respectful Workplace training
  8. Develop high-potential women and minority leaders through targeted Executive Coaching.